Peak Performances offer a wide variety of different theme’s and type of team building activities and games. Below are some of our more popular activities however we offer literally 100’s of options all of which can be adapted to your specified requirements.

Show me The Money on your Team Building Activity

Do you have the skills to turn a small start to something really big? Take out all your ingenuity and money making skills in this new and unique team building activity.

In this team building activity, each team is to work together to grow a small initial investment into a big fat pile of cash. This is a chance for each team to discover how good will your team be when confronted by the unpredictability of the buying public. In order to be successful in this team building activity, members of the team will have to really get to know each so that they can have a better understanding of the individual differences and strengths of every team member. The more the team gets to know each other and communicates effectively, the better they’ll do in their quest to make the most money.

One of the great benefits of this team building game is that the various challenges of this team building game can be designed to suit the team building goals and objectives of your organization. And as another bonus, the sum of the money raised during this team building game can even be donated to the charity of your organization’s choice. Philanthropy and team building; an excellent combination!

This unique team building game has a lot to offer any team. If you feel your team is ready for a fun and exciting team building game like The Rookie, just contact us and we’ll help design this team building game to meet your company’s needs.

Fun in the Sun Team Building Activity  

Fun in the sun, sand, and the joy of the waves; what more could you want from a team building event? Of course, this team building event also opens a great way to build teamwork, morale, team bonding and also communication skills.

Participants of this team building activity will need to communicate well and learn a lot about each other in order to make the best use of each team member’s strengths. Because they will be divided into teams and compete in several team building games. They need to develop their skills so they can win the team building games.

Employees will participate in fun and competitive events like Iron man / woman, surf race, beach flags, board paddle, snap-taplin relay, and swimming races makes. You will surely enjoy these competitive and exciting events that will not only bring you fun and unforgettable moments, but also help you and your team develop camaraderie.

Safety is always a primary goal with all team building events, and this one is no exception. That is why it is supervised by Surf Life Saving Professionals to make the team building event not only fun, but also safe. Also, all equipment needed for these team building games is also provided. You and your employees just show up, and get ready for a good time!

To get your office to this team building event, just contact us ; team building games in the surf guarantee an excellent time is had by all – and the new skills that return to the office will be the end result!

Have you ever seen a cricket match? Do you see how excited the audience are? You can hear the roar up from the stands, you can see the flags wave, you can feel the growing fun in the audience while patching the players. What if you’re the one batting, bowling, and fielding? Don’t you think it’s much more exciting?

Cricket is a unique team building game where ladies can enjoy a gentleman’s sport. Absolute beginners will also enjoy learning this exciting game. This team building game suits any staff, regardless of fitness levels.

Everyone can join the fun and get their skills out to compete with others. It can also be played at places like Newlands or  a specially prepared pitch in a council-approved park in your area. This team building game can give lots of opportunities for your company to improve and benefit. Anyone who plays it will definitely remember and treasure the discipline learned from Cricket.

If you call us now we will ensure that all the things that need to happen before, and on the day, are coordinated successfully. We will ensure correct preparation and behind the scenes facilitation in making this seemingly simple team building event seamless and enjoyable for all participants. Not only that, we will also add some of the “little extras” to your day to make it special are often conceived and implemented during the preparation process.

Mission Impossible

Team Building is your mission. Impossible? Not! This is an exciting team building activity that will have your team working together to complete a mission.

One exciting thing to happen is that, your mission will come as a surprise. You will have to immediately organize everyone into teams once informed of the mission. This team building activity can be designed to suit all of your needs by creating challenges and activities that will help to meet your team building goals and objectives. You can also select where the team is sent by the clues and what mode of transport they will use to get there. From kayaks, to limos it’s all possible with this team building activity.

During the transport time each team will be given a packet containing clues, maps, food, and water. Your team must now work together, using the clues provided, to get around town. As they go they will complete tasks and challenges that will get them information to help open the briefcase after it’s found.

Once one team finds the briefcase, they must return it to MI4 headquarters so it can be cracked. They will get to use all the clues they collected to attempt to open the case first, but if the team that brings the case back fails, then the team who returns 2nd gets a chance. It keeps going like this until someone cracks the case and wins the event.

Tantalizing Team Building Activity

Get ready for a gastronomic experience where everyone can participate. We bring you the tastes, the smells, the fresh ingredients, the passion, the love of cooking in this exciting and delicious team building event. You will not only unlock the secrets of amazing Tuscan food in a highly participative, fun and energetic environment, but also get to sit down as restaurant customers to enjoy the amazing food you have created. Best of all – team members get to take the secrets home to amaze friends and family.

Each person gets to cook their own unique pizza and faces the ultimate culinary test as their team mates vote for the best pizza and choose the ‘pizza king or queen’. The meal is accompanied by live Italian music from the fabulous Franchi Brothers. Teams are involved in every step of the creative cooking process. From mixing the pizza dough, preparing and choosing the ingredients to creating their own unique restaurant, teams ‘own’ the experience from start to finish.

Teams will learn to engage both left and right thinking skills and to create a ‘what’s possible?’ mentality. Each member of the team will be able to discover more about the hidden creative abilities of team mates. This team building activity will also open up new lines of communication and will develop team camaraderie as they work towards a common goal

Everyone can participate, since there are really no physically challenging activities. Team will also get to learn and work with professional Italian chefs and facilitatiors.

Teams work with professional Italian chefs and facilitators and each of the group will be able to create their own dishes.

Jungle Drums Team building Activity

Studies show that music effectively provides feelings of comfort, arousal and both mental and physical fitness. It does not only entertains but can also stimulates the mind. That’s why we have come up of a team building event that utilizes music to impart the importance of unity and cooperation. Jungle drums combines rhythm and music to give your staff a unique team building experience.  Group music only works when the whole team works together.  Also, it’s exhilarating to create these beats together and watch your team become a cohesive entity.

Through this team building activity the members of the team will learn that working together to create a cohesive beat with their drums will help them understand more about working together at the office to create a cohesive and effective team. Through music, the negatives and positives of working as a team are much more tangible and immediate. Plus, banging those drums is a good way to release the stress brought by the activities in the office. When people have the opportunity to leave the office and enjoy some fun team building activities together, they’ll return to work refreshed, with renewed positive feelings toward their job as well as toward their co-workers; which only has advantages for everyone!